Let us tell you more why to adore Bamboo fabric?

  • Naturally Soft

Bamboo fabric is softer than the softest cotton, and it has natural sheen like cashmere or silk.

  • Breathable, Absorb Moisture and thermal Regulating

Bamboo fibers are great at absorbing moisture and pulling it away from the skin for faster evaporation. Also, it is naturally thermoregulating which means that it is great in any season, keeping you cool in the heat, and warm in the cold.

  • Allergy Reduced

Bamboo’s naturally smooth fiber and non-irritating to the skin and it is well- suited for sensitive skin.

  • Anti-bacterial and odor resistant

Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring odor resistant and anti-microbial agent that prevents bacterial from cultivating on it.

  • UV protection

Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  • Bamboo fabric is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Bamboo is requiring much less water than alternative plant fibers and relying on little to no chemicals due to its natural pest resistance and antibacterial properties. It is a woody grass that rarely require replanting and it grows extremely fast, this makes it highly renewable.