About Us

Milena Boo is a Canadian sustainable Brand  established in Toronto Ontario  2021 by woman for women

Our Mission

provide sustainable Premium Bamboo sleepwear and loungewear that are designed by heart to make your nights soft, comfortable and elegant  . Our fashionable, Chic and comfy styles fit all different ages and tastes, and meet the needs of different skin types with our eco- friendly, high-quality bamboo ultra-soft fabric and our premium detailed craftsmanship.

To all of the woman out there. Take care of yourself the way it deserves and let your inner beauty shine. Love the person who you are and be only you. keep spreading your love and care but don’t forget your dreams still waiting for you”

Founder and Creative Director of Milena Boo.


At the beginning of our friendship, let me tell you more about myself. I’m a wife, a mom of three adorable boys  , an entrepreneur and the designer of Milena BOO timeless styles. I am an ambitious and Passionate person, like trying new things and discovering new places. I love fashion, Music, dancing and meeting new people. My happiness is being surrounded by my family and friends. Milena Boo is a blend of my passion for designing clothes and my love to the eco-friendly ultra-soft bamboo fabric. After a long personal experience starting with my son who suffered from severe eczema for years to my sensitive and dry skin, pregnancy body temperature changes and later on the hot flashes and sweating that worsen at night. I tried all different types of fabrics to find my kids and myself the most one that is ultra-soft, breathable and absorb moisture, till I fall in love with the bamboo viscose that not only helps in treating the skin the way it deserves but also its nature and how sustainable and ecofriendly it is. I believe that Every woman is a unique beauty, and she has to feel and look her finest all time. And I hope with Milena BOO collection you will look Chic and feel soft and delicate even while you are sleeping or lounging around.

Let us tell you more why to adore Bamboo fabric?

  • Naturally Soft

Bamboo fabric is softer than the softest cotton, and it has natural sheen like cashmere or silk.

  •  Breathable, Absorb Moisture and thermal Regulating

Bamboo fibers are great at absorbing moisture and pulling it away from the skin for faster evaporation. Also, it is naturally thermoregulating which means that it is great in any season, keeping you cool in the heat, and warm in the cold.

  • Allergy Reduced

Bamboo’s naturally smooth fiber and non-irritating to the skin and it is well- suited for sensitive skin.

  • Anti-bacterial and odor resistant

Bamboo fabric contains a naturally occurring odor resistant and anti-microbial agent that prevents bacterial from cultivating on it.

  • UV protection

Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  •  Bamboo fabric is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Bamboo is requiring much less water than alternative plant fibers and relying on little to no chemicals due to its natural pest resistance and antibacterial properties. It is a woody grass that rarely require replanting and it grows extremely fast, this makes it highly renewable.

  • We are Socially responsible

All our night wears are made of bamboo fabric that is sustainable and environmentally friendly and our packaging is made of paper materials that is ecofriendly and recyclable.

  • Our Bamboo viscose fabric care

Machine wash Cold, gentle cycle. Don’t bleach or tumble dry. lay flat to dry. Delicate steam iron if desired. for best result wash separately. To minimize Pilling which is common wash all items inside out, and flat to dry. wash separately from heavier fabric like wool or denim.